Take a Name LDS Family History App Reviews

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Best family history app yet

It takes seconds to start and searches thousands of names! What a blessing it is to have found this app its technology at its finest. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone involved in it.


The take a name app doesnt work well for me. When I search up male baptisms and confirmations I get females and many males that their work has already been done. Also, it comes up with a random number of names, sometimes more and sometimes less names. Maybe it is just my device but only a few of the peoples names havent been done.

Love But...

I truly love the concept of this app. I used it for the first time and was super excited that I could reserve a name, make the card a pdf, and get it printed at the temple in a couple of minutes. It made temple work feel so easy. BUT, it only works if you are sure all information is correct on your family search tree. I realized this when I told my friend about this app; she got her name printed only to realize that there was a possibility of a duplicate on her family search. Fearfully, I looked back at my family tree and noticed that the name I was provided by the app was actually one that had an unresolved issue. She had 3 different sets of parents written on her bio. So I don’t even know if I did the correct ordinance for her. I HIGHLY advice anyone using this app to verify on their family search before reserving and printing the name.


When Take a Name searches 24,021 names and only finds the 135 ordinances you already reserved... Lol I like this app. I would never have found the like 50 names I did without it - that would have been years of digging. Saved me so much effort.


This makes things so much easier.

No more drudgery...

This app crawls your family search tree and finds all persons that need LDS temple ordinance. What would have taken hours is completed in minutes.

Best of its kind

This app has been incredible. I showed everyone in my family history class this app and it really sparked a desire to take family history work to the temple simply because it is so easy to use! My favorite feature is how I can reserve temple work within this app which will then automatically transfer over to my FamilySearch account. This app blows programs like Puzzilla and Hope Chest out of the water! The problem is that these software programs are expensive and/or have an interface that arent user friendly.

Take a name

Really fantastic! Shows relationship and filters out work that has already been done! I love it!

Thousands of hours of work done in a few minutes!

Wow. Great app. Works so fast. I’ve seen it find ancestors for people who were absolutely sure all their family work was done. Searches tens of thousands of names and finds what you are looking for. Try it. It works.

Finds names truly temple ready

This app is a godsend (literally: sent to us from God!), if you want to take a family name to the temple! Before I go to the temple, I open this app, which finds me a temple ready name from my family. I hit print, stop by the printer to pick up my name slip on my way out the door, & then my temple experience is for someone in my own family tree! There is no other fam hx app that does this. Others may find names of ppl who need work done, but not Family Search certified, temple ready names. Youll love it!

The Missing Link

This App is truly the missing link between Temple Work and Genaeology. Take a Name streamlines hours of manual searching work into one neat, easy search that runs in the background! My only suggestion for improvement would be to allow for more than 100 search results - perhaps as a paid subscription? My queue is currently full as I do ordinance work that is time consuming, but I could be doing other precursory work in the meantime and would pay a monthly fee to have more or more filtered search results. Thanks for developing such an incredible tool!!

Incredible app!

Where Id felt apprehensive to begin family history, this app makes it so easy. The app does all of the work for you. Takes less than a minute to enter your login credentials and perform a search, and the app generated over 20 names and ordinances and outlined how I was related to the individuals. Very satisfying.

Simple tool

Great stuff


I found 20 names I didnt know existed! My only problem is, I wish you could do more than 20 names at a time. This app is super easy to use but it does take all day to find 20(at least for me). You can put filters on what you want it to search for and everything. Wonderful app!


What a great idea! We love it so far.

Awesome App!!!

My line has had a lot of work done. So it takes some doing to find ordinances that need to be done. Take a Name searched through 82000 records and found around 37 ordinances. An extra bonus, working on the names found by Take a Name must have alerted Family Searches algorithms to new connections for my line because right after working on the names, family search emailed me a new name as well. Ive been working with a family history missionary to make sure the names are not just duplicate records. While some were, many are legit names I can take to the temple. Well worth a try!

Great app

This app is awesome

Where have you been all my life "take a name"?

Im so excited to have this app at my finger tips to get names last minute when needed. Either going to the temple with my wife on ward temple night or doing baptisms with my son and young men. Love it!!!!

Great app!

This app is super easy to use! Its such a great concept. Within a few minutes it had found several names with multiple ordinances to be done. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone interested in taking names to the temple!


This app is so simple, it gets exactly the type of names you want, and I dont really care that I had to wait an entire day because I didnt have to leave the app on for it to work, they even make paying optional. This app is so helpful, really simple, and understands if you dont have the money. I would recommend this app to anyone doing family research. This app saved me hours upon hours of family history work. Thank you take a name for being a great app!

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